Boost performance

Increase wellbeing

Strengthen creative and strategic thinking


A unique training and group coaching programme
Evidence based, outcome focused, proven method

Your team shouldn’t be burning out

Yet a surprising number
quietly are

Stress, poor energy and low resilience thrive on being unnoticed.
Creeping in slowly and almost imperceptibly,
pushing down productivity while sapping
away at creativity, optimism and vitality.
This not only affects individual performance but can multiply throughout teams.

Can you afford to lose key talent?

The cost to businesses of stretched resources, corporate fatigue, and burnout is significant.

53% of top performers are burnt out, and they are more likely to leave, costing up to 400% more.**

It’s frustrating and it doesn’t have to be.

* Forrester research (2022)
**HBR (2022)

The way to Resourceful, regenerative, realigned humans

‘Beyond Resilience’ provides a unique way to thrive through challenge and uncertainty

make changes

benefitting your team, your organisation and the wider world

Your team will have learned to manage high-pressure situations, difficult emotions and uncertainty better

You’ll have a more resilient, solidly connected and stronger team

They will know how to decrease stress responses, have identified core disruptors and be able to increase their own capabilities

Aidan Morrison Executive Coach

Simple steps to greater resilience

You want your team to be conquering the day, no matter what is thrown at you.

To do so, your team need simple, effective tools, a proven method and an easy to execute plan to increase team resilience.

The problem is, many individuals don’t know the steps to becoming more resilient. The majority of the training out there is heavy on dry theory, uses hard to grasp cognitive based tools and isn’t easily deployable in the moment. 

All of this which can make levelling-up feel out of reach.

We believe it should be easy for teams to access their full potential and it’s wrong that most people don’t know how to.

Resilience is a natural human condition. 

Yet, we don’t understand the mechanics of resilience. It isn’t something most of us were taught at home, in business school, or at university.

That’s why we developed our programme.

Here’s how it works

Step one – Book an initial consultation call with us. 

Step two – We engage with you/your team. 

Step three – We deliver the programme & you get a happier, more resilient team.

So book that initial consultation with us.
Reverse burnout, overwhelm and talent loss and start leading a happy, healthy and resilient team.

If you want to read about other people’s experiences, or understand more about the process, read on.

The feed back from all the delegates was positive.


Shahroo Izadi

Best Selling Author
Behavioural Change Expert

Corporate training can feel like you’re being given tools specific to your productivity, or they’re more concerned with spirituality and intuition. Concepts which can be too much of a stretch for many.

Aidan’s sessions were perfectly attuned to everyone where they were at.

Despite it being early on in the pandemic I felt more resilient.
I had more bounce back.

I started writing again and it brought a real focus back. I knew I could trust myself to achieve my goals.

The group setting helped a lot because there was an overall agenda but he supported everyone uniquely.
Really powerful.

image of a lawyer., black and white

Iain Smith

Scottish Lawyer Of The Year 2020 & 2022
Partner – Smith-Keegan

Aidan is a great mentor.
He has helped with the specialist Trauma Law Course run by the Law Society of Scotland.

The feed back from all the delegates was positive.

His outlook is positive and that impacts on those he engages with.

He has also been a huge support at a personal level to deal with the trauma I soak in daily & how to release these pressures using a variety of techniques.

Executive Coaching_Client_Testimonial

Lauren Cooper

Nescafe EMENA
Senior Brand Manager

Couldn’t recommend it more.

If you think “you’re too busy” for this sort of thing (like I have been guilty of in the past!) you are likely to be the type of person/team that benefits the most!

A great mix of learning, discussion and activities, and all tailored towards the working world”



Medical Doctor*

Covid was kicking off across the world.  
I was working in a busy,  hospital in central London.  

Covid was becoming real, creating a lot of anxiety, a lot of fear.

I think probably the most surprising aspect of the work with Aidan was the speed at which I saw results.

I felt a huge burden had been lifted. Work was a far better experience. A more positive experience.

My morale actually went up over COVID.
I felt a lot stronger, more resilient.

I feel in a position where I’ve got a lot more to give.
I would totally recommend Aidan’s work.

It has to be tried to be understood.

*Jig is an NHS Doctor and was a frontline worker in the COVID wards during the start and peak of the pandemic

James Couchman

Senior Marketeer,

As we entered COVID, the team were faced with new, extremely stressful situations.

Alongside the challenges of working from home, deadlines were extremely tight with huge pressures to deliver.

Aidan’s sessions came at the perfect time – helping the team to tap into their feelings and learn new tools and techniques to counter and overcome.

As a leader, it was noticeable the positive impact the sessions were having; uplifting morale AND boosting productivity. A great journey to witness and be a part of.



Author, Educator

Aidan ran workshops for my membership group and the feedback was excellent.

The sessions were engaging and interesting. A number of my group members got in touch afterwards to say how useful they were and how putting the tools into practice yielded great results.

Would highly recommend!


Surgeon, Medical Doctor, Author

Absolutely brilliant and clear – yet at the same time kind, compassionate and insightful. He is uplifting, incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive.

I give Aidan Morrison my highest recommendation

Aidan ran workshops for my membership group and the feedback was excellent.

The sessions were engaging and interesting. A number of my group members got in touch afterwards to say how useful they were and how putting the tools into practice yielded great results.

Would highly recommend!

Introducing: ‘Beyond Resilience’

The method behind creating MORE resilient, energised and
anti-fragile teams in just 8 weeks

1. Experience

Rather than starting with hard to digest theory, we first focus on little known, evidence-based ways to create internal calm, presence and creative flow. 

Participants experience how to meet problems completely differently and to transform obstacles so that solutions naturally emerge. 

By starting here, the theory is naturally embedded in the practical experience

2. Identify

Identify exactly where and when issues show up for participants and how they react to them.

We apply strategies learned in stage 1 to resolve issues.

We use proven techniques to get below the noise of the cognitive mind to directly access the subconscious and learn how to affect change at the place where it’s most needed. 

3. Build

Participants build their own roadmap for change (from our framework), giving them a personalised success plan. 

Self-directed change is more effective. Personal ownership is one half of a proven pathway to success, accountability is the other.

We develop accountability in small groups. The participants are accountable to each other in creating change and reaping the benefits…

Why am I doing this now?

I was lucky enough to to live with, study with and be initiated into the Huni Kuin tribe.

They live in the deepest parts of the Amazon jungle and are known as the guardians of the rainforest.

They protect the virgin rainforest from Illegal logging, mining and poaching.

This isn’t without it’s challenges.

My friend Tuwe (that’s him in the picture with me), is one of their leaders. 

I’ve learned a lot from being with them and I consider them to be great teachers of humanity.

The initiation was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done – in a lifetime of leaning into difficult things.

I came away from that experience with a different understanding of resilience, leadership and a clear understanding of how my work around resilience could help two worlds close to me:

The first – humans in high-demand working environments.

The second – indigenous tribespeople. 

The Huni Kuin villages, like others in the Amazon, often don’t have food.

Many of the villages have no clean water, no solar power.

Before vaccinations were available, their child mortality rates were sickeningly high.

This project is a way for businesses we work with to contribute to helping the Amazon directly, through helping the guardians of the rain forest.

50% of the revenue generated goes to fund food security and clean water projects in the villages.

‘Beyond Resilience’ is designed to create what we call ‘Triple Good’:

1, A positive impact on your team.

2, A positive impact on your organisation (individual / team performance dials up to organisational performance).

3, A positive impact on indigenous people doing important work to safeguard one of the worlds most important treasures.

The Huni Kuin are amazing, gentle people.

They are incredibly resilient, wise and have a quiet sense of joyous humour.

They exemplify adaptability, anti-fragility and excellent leadership.

It is my sincere wish that you will get to meet them one day.